Here are some of the most commonly asked questions and answers about the Opioid Independence™ Program.

Is the program individualized?

Yes, the whole thing is presented as a framework that you apply to yourself in your life and is adaptable to your uniqueness. Customize your recovery experience through variety of resources tailored to your needs. Through your individual sessions with your therapist or recovery coach, you continue to work on the specific areas that need to be addressed in order to help you achieve not just lasting recovery, but to create a life of fulfillment.

How is the program licensed?

It is an online course and recovery framework that may also connect with independent providers, which does not require licensing. If working with a therapist or counselor, they will be properly credentialed to deliver group and individual sessions, and therefore already have the necessary training and/or certification. Recovery coaches may have certifications of their own, as well as peer support specialists, but those are not required. This program should not be considered treatment, but instead a personalized recovery guide.

How much does it cost?

The full program is comparable to and in many cases even less than the cost of an opioid maintenance program. It starts with lifetime access to the online lessons and supplemental materials. The course is a one-time fee of $399, or four monthly payments of $125. The fees for services provided by recovery coaches, therapists and peer support specialists can vary on a per-session basis or they may have package rates available.

Is there a payment plan or financing available?

Yes, the online course can be broken up into monthly payments, or paid up front for a 20% discount, as mentioned above. The services with coaches, therapists and peer support specialists may be paid monthly, weekly or per service, depending on the provider.

Can I use my insurance?

People with qualifying insurance coverage can often file for reimbursement through your insurance carrier for the therapist-led group and individual counseling sessions. There may be additional services that could be covered, depending on the provider and each individual’s policy. For example, sometimes peer support specialist services may be covered as part of long-term case management services.

The program was designed to be as robust and affordable as possible for those without insurance.

Can adolescents participate in this program?

Yes, the online lessons are suitable for teens who need additional help and guidance figuring out their path in life as well, and some providers also work with adolescents in group and individual settings.

Does the program provide medical treatment or prescriptions?

No, the Opioid Independence™ Program is not a treatment center, and therefore does not have medical staff, does not diagnose or treat any medical condition and does not prescribe medications. Each provider should have a list of available medical resources as well as higher levels of care to provide services on a collaborative effort.

There isn’t a provider near me yet, is there an online-only option?

Yes, the online course can be done solo, and then you can add on other services depending on availability, preference and need. Most of the providers can deliver the group and individual sessions online as well, so the entire framework could be accessed remotely, and the online lessons and growing supplemental content is available indefinitely. Recovery coaches can work with people anywhere in the country or internationally. Check with therapists to see if the services they offer have any geographical license limitations.

Are you against opioid maintenance programs?

Absolutely not. They are saving lives. We believe that people should have additional options, though, and this is meant to provide an affordable alternative for those who do not wish to take opioid maintenance medications nor admit to a treatment facility.

Is there a version for other substances?

Yes, we have the Online Recovery Program for people seeking help for other substances. It is nearly identical to this, but with the opioid-specific language removed.

Are drug tests included?

We recommend weekly point of care or at home drug screens for additional accountability. Some providers may require it to work with them, and we will make a list of drug testing resources available for at home tests as well. We are also working with some labs to be able to offer confirmation tests for people who need it for legal reasons or other verification.

Do I need to detox first?

It depends on the individual. Ideally, participants would start the program completely detoxed, but it may not be necessary. This program can be done concurrently with a maintenance or tapering process overseen by an outside doctor or program. If someone is a current user of heroin or other opioids, then a detox may be required first, or at least a stabilization and taper process through an outside doctor. Either way, you should consult a medical professional.

Who Started the Opioid Independence™ Program?

The program was initiated by Advanced Recovery Resources, LLC, which is a treatment center consulting and recovery support services company lead by former treatment facility executives and owners. They saw an unmet need to be filled and combined two decades’ worth of experience into this affordable recovery model that addresses the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) eight dimensions of wellness.