The Opioid Independence™ Program (OIP) is unlike any other option out there. It is a long-term recovery program that may include licensed therapists and certified recovery coaches working independently, and can combine group and individual sessions with educational classes, recovery coaching, peer support and online resources.

It avoids the high costs associated with more traditional settings by utilizing this hybrid method, while providing a long-term engagement through effective therapy, education and support.

What is Included in the Full Opioid Independence™ Program?

The full experience includes:

  • Online lessons, covering topics found most effective in recovery
  • Group sessions with a therapist or recovery coach
  • Individual therapy or coaching sessions to progress on your personalized recovery plan (in-person or digitally)
  • Participation in a weekly support group meeting of your choice (NA, HA, SMART, Refuge, etc.)
  • Unlimited access to the online recovery program recordings and supplemental materials
  • A Concierge Recovery Experience

    Through our growing network of providers, some of whom are listed on the site, you will be able to access high quality guidance and care at highly affordable rates, thus building a team of people who can help you with our specific needs.

    Additional resources may be recommended by each therapist or coach, such as extra sessions or support services, based on evaluation and participation. One such resource is the recommendation of getting additional peer support specialist assistance through MAP Health Management.

    Affordable, Long-Term Care

    Individuals can participate at multiple levels. Each must enroll in the online course, and then there are options to work with participating therapists, recovery coaches and/or peer support specialists, connecting directly with them for the services they provide. We do have some resources listed on our site, and can help you locate other options based on your needs as well.

    Great Aftercare Option Following Treatment

    Many times people returning home from detox or residential treatment facilities are unable to find an outpatient treatment program that fits their needs. The Opioid Independence™ Program is a great alternative with its online accessibility and ability to be customized for each individual.

    Supplement for Sober Living

    There are a lot of really great sober living options around the country, but not all have outpatient programs they work with directly, or there are residents who may need additional support and guidance, but not treatment.