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EAP Recovery HelpIt has become increasingly more difficult for many companies to find and keep good employees who can also pass mandatory drug screens. This often presents a dilemma, as employers cannot have impaired workers on the job, yet skilled workers also deserve a second chance.

People with more severe substance use issues typically need higher levels of care, but they don’t represent the majority of people who may not pass a drug screen. In fact, they may not even meet the criteria of medical necessity for many treatment programs in order to access their health benefits.

Options for Recovery Help

The options outside of traditional treatment settings have been varied and fragmented. This new hybrid recovery framework seeks to provide a personalized recovery experience with the help of online lessons and group and individual sessions through therapists, recovery coaches and peer support specialists. While the later providers have been available, there hasn’t been an effort to combine all of these together into a workable system for long-term support, until now.

This presents as a great option for HR Managers and Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) who want to provide more support and accountability for employees going through a difficult time that they can work on from anywhere and continue with their job responsibilities as well, if desired.

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