A Compliment for Sober Living

While there are some sober living environments that are attached to treatment facilities as part of extended care, many sober living homes and communities are fully independent.

For those not directly connected, residents usually still need additional guidance and support. Sometimes this is available directly through the community, or they may have local outpatient services available. But what about something in between? What if a resident doesn’t need to enroll in treatment, but does need additional help?

This is where something like the Opioid Independence™ Program is a great fit. We might just be the perfect compliment to sober living programs out there, especially when residents and programs are looking for something different than what is already around them.

Through our growing provider network, sober living programs can also have options to match up with the needs of their residents, including group and individual sessions weekly.

Long-Term Recovery Support

Many halfway houses and other sober living environments recommend at least a 6-month commitment to their community. By adding this program, they can have consistent guidance and support during those fist six months, and beyond. Additionally, since the online course and many of the providers cover more areas of life than just recovery, they are able to get additional help as they advance in future relationships, careers & more.

If you are a sober living provider, contact us today to find out more information about the program and how it can help you and your residents.