Gain the Freedom You Deserve

Right now there are approximately 400,000 people taking daily methadone or buprenorphine throughout the United States alone. This represents about a third of people enrolled in a treatment program in the country on a given day. Opioid Treatment Programs (OTPs) have likely saved millions of lives over the years and will continue to do so, thankfully.

However, there is a segment of the opioid maintenance population that wishes there was another option other than taking daily methadone or buprenorphine, but who cannot attend a treatment facility due to cost or other factors. This is the reason that the Opioid Independence™ Program exists – for this estimated 1% – 5% of the treatment population seeking something different. This is also for people exiting treatment who are lacking additional resources in their area, for those in sober living programs, and many other settings and circumstances.

An Alternative to Traditional Treatment

One reason why people wind up in an OTP is because it is initially more affordable on daily, weekly or monthly basis. The average cost of a daily methadone or buprenorphine maintenance program is about $6,500 per year, so after multiple years this can really start to add up, approaching $20,000 in three years. Comparatively, 90 days’ worth of treatment consisting of a combination of residential and intensive outpatient programs can easily cost twice that. Even those that are covered by insurance now still usually require deductibles and co-pays to be met, which are often between $3,500 and $15,000, on top of the monthly premiums, which are roughly $500 per individual. For any method, if it works for the individual, then the price is worth it, but the rising costs and lowered coverage amounts make traditional treatment unaffordable for many of Americans.

Customize Your Recovery

The Opioid Independence™ Program is a recovery method specifically designed for those who don’t want to go the OTP route but is also more affordable than a regular treatment program. It is a 6-month outpatient recovery framework with multiple levels of participation and customization available. From the online lessons to working with recovery coaches and therapists, this program puts recovery within reach.